MUSIC NEWS: Lowlives Release Three-Track Single ‘I Don’t Like You’

Lowlives have released a new three-track single called I Don’t Like You, which also features B-side Church and an acoustic version of I Don’t Like You. 

“This song is my favourite track off our record.  The day we wrote it I sat back and ripped it on repeat for hours,” explains drummer Luke Johnson.
“The writing process for I Don’t Like You came about really fast,” adds vocalist/guitarist Lee Downer. “I’d had the main riff of the song for such a long time, it’s pretty much the first thing I play when I’m trying out guitars and I oddly never tried to work it into a song. At the time we had a huge batch of songs written that were all pretty fast tempo wise, but I really wanted to have one that had that quiet/loud Pixies kinda vibe where it’s pretty much the same riff throughout the whole song.”

Lowlives have released a video for I Don’t Like You, check it out below. 

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase the three-track single HERE.
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