MUSIC NEWS: AFI Announce Album Details & Reveal Two New Tracks ‘Looking Tragic’ & ‘Begging For Trouble’

Photo Credit: Jacob Boll

AFI have announced their new album Bodies, due for release on 11th June 2021 via Rise Records

To celebrate, the band have revealed two new songs called Looking Tragic and Begging for Trouble which will also be included on a limited 7″. 

“Looking Tragic addresses the theme of overstimulation resulting in desensitisation,” says frontman Davey Havok. “Melodic and driving, the song came to life quickly and immediately stood out as a track to make bodies, if not sentiments, move.”

“After years of receiving early versions of songs from Jade and Davey, in forms that span loosely arranged chords and scratch vocal to fully realised demos, I think I have become quite adept at knowing which songs will or will not make the record,” adds drummer Adam Carson. “Begging For Trouble was green lit, at least in my mind, the moment I heard the vocals come in. To me, the track is a cornerstone of the new record.”

Like what you hear? You can pre-order Bodies HERE and the Looking Tragic/Begging for Trouble limited 7″ HERE. You can also pre-order the band’s 7″ vinyl featuring previous singles Twisted Tongues and Escape From Los Angeles HERE

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