MUSIC NEWS: Knomad Spock Releases New Single ‘Egypt’ & B-Side ‘Papillon’

British-Somali poet, rapper and Neofolk singer-songwriter Knomad Spock has released his new single Egypt, the second taste of his forthcoming debut album. Egypt has been released alongside B-side Papillon, which was originally released in late 2020.

“Egypt is a rework of an earlier song recorded at the Warren with Stew (Baxter, LIFE) almost a decade ago,” Knomad Spock explains. “The riff that plays throughout links both songs, but the vocal harmony, lyrics and arrangement have been brewing in the years since. The burst into free jazz belongs to producer Jamie Smith’s vision, and this track is a classic example of our creative partnership and the dynamics we both bring. The song is an elemental response to depression in both lyrical and musical dimensions.

“In these very brief and succinct lyrics is also an extended metaphor for the creative process that produced this album, which was always concerned with the means—the end was the unconscious gift.” 

Like what you hear? Egypt and B-side Papillon are available to stream or purchase HERE

Knomad Spock‘s debut album is scheduled for release in 2021, stay tuned for more details. 

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