VIDEO NEWS: Laura Jane Grace Shares ‘The Swimming Pool Song’ Video

Photo Credit: Alexa Visciust

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!The Devouring Mothers) has released a NSFWFH (not safe for working from home) video for The Swimming Pool Song, which is taken from her recent solo album, Stay Alive.

The video for the track isn’t for the faint hearted. It sees Grace and Hannah Gamble involved in a chilling, slasher film plot with a twist. Speaking about the symbolic nature of the video in relation to the single, she says: “Like how in a dream, sometimes whatever fear it is that you’re running from isn’t actually anything to be afraid of at all. Or like how in life sometimes we couldn’t be more wrong about first impressions and the way things will turn out.”

Check out the video below, which was directed by Emulsion Lab.

Like what you hear? Laura Jane Grace‘s solo album Stay Alive is available digitally now and will be available physically on 11th December 2020 via Big Scary Monsters. Head HERE to stream or purchase digitally and pre-order a physical version of the album.

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