VIDEO NEWS: Redwood Release Video For New Single ‘Rumour Night’

Redwood have released a video for their new single Rumour Night, taken from their forthcoming debut album Beside A Shallow Sun. The track highlights the benefits of exploring creativity to carve a path for mental wellbeing. 

“When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I use an exercise where I write down everything that I’m feeling, without judgement or worry that anyone else will read it,” says guitarist/lead vocalist Alex Birchall. “It is a stream of consciousness that can be about anything. I’ll come back to it a few weeks later, and it’s where I get most of my inspiration. This process helped to create the foundation of Rumour Night. The song is about how growing up with mental illness can be a scary prospect and trying not to give up too much of yourself to the world when you don’t feel you have the mental fortitude to keep up. At one point at University, everything felt like it got too much, I stayed up for two nights in a row writing to get the thoughts out of my head. It helped me process the idea of wanting to be at peace with all of the chaos and anxiety in my head, rather than trying to fight it…”

Beside A Shallow Sun is due for release on 6th November 2020, available to pre-order in limited edition vinyl bundles HERE

For more information on mental wellbeing visit Music Minds Matter, Mind and Calm.

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