VIDEO NEWS: LOWLIVES Release Video For New Single ‘Gravity’

LOWLIVES have released their new two-track single Gravity, with B-side Hate, Greed, Liars, Thieves. 

The band have also revealed a video for lead track Gravity, as drummer Luke Johnson explains:  

“Being a DIY band and always needing favours we figured we’d give our poor friends a break this time around,” explains drummer Luke Johnson. 

“Soooooo….Here you go, our first ever fully written, directed and edited music video. It’s all shot on two budget Go-Pros with me as cameraman and Lee as the subject. The location was up in the mountains near Big Bear California. We used bits of drum gear and old microphone stands to clip cameras in creative places. We probably ran and rode about 25 miles that day.”

“The concept is basically a dumbed down Ground Hog day that follows the theme of the song. A love and attraction to another that feels like a gravitational pull so powerful it can move heaven and earth. Lee is caught in a loop trying to get back to his beloved wife but keeps waking up back in the forest. Bonus points to anyone who can see where I left the ladder in shot ;)”

Gravity/Hate, Greed, Liar, Thieves is out now, available to stream or purchase HERE.

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