MUSIC NEWS: ME REX Announces New EP ‘Stegosaurus’ & Releases New Single ‘Rites’

ME REX, also known as Myles McCabe, has announced his new EP Stegosaurus, set for release on 27th November 2020 through Big Scary Monsters. Alongside the EP announcement, ME REX has released lead single Rites. 

“Rites is about how substance abuse can arrest emotional growth, the feeling of watching people grow up around you whilst being stuck in the same patterns for years,” McCabe explains.

He continues: “I reached kind of a critical point with my mental health around the time I got sober and in the following months. I wasn’t really able to write or make music. I became quite disillusioned with the idea of being in a band and making music within the music industry and in 2012 the band gradually fell apart. After a couple of years, I decided I wanted to work as a solo act, there were a lot of advantages to this, logistically and interpersonally things were a lot easier. I found it much easier to tour alone and enjoyed the autonomy, I began touring around the UK and Europe. In 2017 I joined Fresh and began to see that it actually was possible to organise practice, writing and touring in a way that wasn’t soul destroying.

McCabe is accompanied by Phoebe Cross (Happy Accidents/Cheerbleederz), Rich Mandell (Happy Accidents) and Kathryn Woods (Fresh/Cheerbleederz), helping to create this musical project. You can listen to Rites below.

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Rites from HERE.

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