MUSIC NEWS: As Sirens Fall Announce New EP ‘L’appel Du Vide’

Photo Credit: RockSeen

As Sirens Fall have announced their third EP L’appel Du Vide, due for release on 18th September 2020.

“L’appel Du Vide started out as a project where we wanted to explore the five stages of grief,” explains vocalist Mikey Lord. “Five tracks, five stages. As with everything, the lines soon blurred
and a far more complicated journey of transition and all the ugly things around it began. It’s about being young, heartbroken and lost. Losing who you are and slowly finding it again. I saw L’appel Du Vide written down somewhere and I thought it was beautiful. Despite a very rocky GCSE-French qualification, I had no idea what it meant, I just loved the words. I looked it up and had to steal it. I couldn’t think of a better bow to tie all these songs up with than ‘the call of the void’. The temptation of self-destruction rings out consistently after a loss; it’s like tinnitus. That tinnitus plays its part in all of these songs. And they’re all dripping with the most wonderful ridiculousness.”

L’appel Du Vide is available to pre-order HERE

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