VIDEO NEWS: Grandson Releases Video For New Single ‘Riptide’

grandson has released a video for his new single Riptide, which continues the narrative of his previous standalone single Identity. 

These songs have a lot to do with the conflict we find between making painful change or dealing with the pain from staying the same with those familiar bad habits,” grandson explains. “One way or another, it’s gonna hurt like hell. Mike Shinoda co-produced and mentored me through this process, which began in a writing session at his studio with my longtime collaborator Boonn in early 2019. We had tried a couple ideas earlier in the day that I couldn’t get into, and then I picked up the guitar and played the intro riff and the song practically wrote itself. It was the first of this new era written, and while it addresses the pain of regret, the places we go to avoid confrontation, I’m proud to tell my story and hope that someone that hears it will find the strength to tell theirs.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Riptide HERE

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