MUSIC NEWS: Pleasure Heads Release New Single ‘Cosmopolis’

Photo Credit: Rory Barnes 

Pleasure Heads have released their brand new single Cosmopolis, out now via 7 West Music

“The idea for this song mainly comes from my disdain of technology,” explains vocalist/guitarist Euan Purves. “I’d admit that being able to see, in real time, events happening on the other side of the world is valuable in bringing humanity together; yet the personal connection is suffering as a result. It’s easy to think of persons as disembodied voices, messages to be avoided, mere pixels on the screen. We too often can’t see the brilliant, independent trees for the all-encompassing wood. Cosmopolis is a call for everyone to log off for once, see past the digital glitz, and broadcast their community spirit IRL.”

Like what you hear? You can stream or purchase Cosmopolis HERE

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