TRACK-BY-TRACK: ManDown – We Want Blood

Tomorrow (9th July 2020) marks an exciting milestone for post-hardcore duo ManDown, who release their debut EP We Want Blood. Teaming up with producer Chris Coulter (IDLES, Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman) and legendary musician/illustrator Jamie Lenman (additional production, video direction, design), the four-track EP is a short but very sweet introduction to the band’s raw and punchy sound. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Iain Turner to delve deeper and find out more about the tracks that make up We Want Blood

Try Or Die 

This song was always going to be the first track on our debut record. It’s a two-minute short, sharp, shock; a wonder of noise, riffs and feedback – and it’s always the one we start our practices with! Lyrically it’s about those times when you just feel like you’ve had enough of everything and the only way forward is to take it on the chin and get on with it. I’m sure we can all relate to that, at the moment especially. As someone who runs his own small business, whose shutters have been closed for what feels like forever now, I’m listening to this a lot right now!

Tick Tock

When we finally get to play live (please!!) this song will follow Try or Die, with the feedback nicely connecting the two. It’s inspired by the realisation you have when you’re pushing forty that time is marching on, and as it does it only seems to go faster, and the less you seem to have to do the things you want to do. So, go do the things you want to do!

Kiss The Narcissist 

This one’s about today’s obsession with social media, and living your life through the lens of everyone else. I’m quite a private person, and I like to go out and choose my influencers, not have them rammed down my throat every time I turn on my phone. Music to me, at its heart, is all about being true to yourself, being who you are and expressing who you are. So this song is an antidote to the loud voice of all those internet influencers and fame hungry celebrities who erode the search for self. Musically, the dynamic changes between the quiet verses and heavy choruses work nicely to complement and underline the message hidden in the lyrics.

We Want Blood

Usually my song writing process is music first, then I write the lyrics around the tune. But this time I had the words in my head, like a poem that just has to be written when you’re feeling strong emotions, especially anger and frustration, and they just need an outlet. The message isn’t directed at anyone or anything in particular – I think most people at some time or other can relate to the emotions it derives from, and, as with all art, we want the audience to interpret it and use it in any way they wish. Musically it was a really fun song to play around with – and we ended up working some of the lyrical imagery into the video, promo photos and inlay. All of which meant that this song went from being the last one written for the collection, to being the lead single!

ManDown will celebrate the release of their debut EP with a Facebook live stream HERE on 9th July 2020 at 9pm BST, live from The Rooms Rehearsal Studios.

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