VIDEO NEWS: Marko Hietala Releases Live Video For ‘Death March For Freedom’

Marko Hietala has released a live video for Death March For Freedom, taken from his recent debut solo album Pyre Of The Black Heart (check out our review of the album HERE).

“Hello world! It’s time for one more live video from our European tour. A tour that we finished still under some better stars,” Hietala comments. And here’s a couple of questions: Dear Oligarchy. How much of your worker/consumer base you can let die off and still make a profit? Wouldn’t proper social democracy make things safer for you too? Isn’t it you with the resources? For now, as always, we’ll keep on walking, and innocents will fall. Subjects might change, but we are on a Death March For Freedom.”

Pyre Of The Black Heart is out now via Nuclear Blast, available to purchase HERE.

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