VIDEO NEWS: Ego Kill Talent Releases Video For ‘Lifeporn’

Brazilian quintet Ego Kill Talent have released a video for their new song Lifeporn. 

“Lifeporn is about the vicarious relationship that most of us have with social media,” explains vocalist Jonathan Dörr. “We’re literally swallowed by this ‘wonder world’ of digital profiles, where everybody is ‘rich, perfect and happy.’ It’s like the two sides of a coin. There are two different perspectives but the value is the same: a way to escape from reality. I really like this song because it has a cool time-signature on drums and also on the guitar riff, with some Brazilian spice, you know? It definitely is a good song to headbang to!”

Ego Kill Talent will release their sophomore album later this year via BMG, with tour dates set to be announced soon. 

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