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MUSIC FEATURE: Five Minutes With…cheerbleederz

London indie punk trio cheerbleederz have unveiled their second EP lobotany, a record that is guaranteed to make you feel summery and forget about the cold weather (you can check out our review HERE). We took five minutes with the band to find out more about how they formed, what influences them and more.

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your band. 

We’re a three piece and are based in London. We pretty much play together to grow and have fun as well as hopefully inspiring and empowering others! We released our first EP faceplant in February 2019. 

How did the band form and how long have you been together?

Phoebe and Kathryn booked a rehearsal room to play together initially and see what happened! Song writing happened pretty easily so we roped in Soph to play bass (Kathryn was playing with her another band consisting also of Dean and Nicola from Doe) and have been a band since 2018. Band practice often took place at each other’s houses which was great and relaxed and we always had dinner together after. 

Can you remember the first time you realised you wanted to make music?

Umm, no actually haha – we just did it! We’d all been in bands before this one and had always performed and been creative that way in general –  be it in in bands or performing in plays at school. 

Who and what are the band’s main influences?

Other badass womxn. 

What do you aim to achieve as a band?

All we really want is to play to people who are as excited to see us play as we are to play a fun show!

For those who are yet to see you live, what can they expect from a cheerbleederz show?

Harmonies, energy, comedy. 

What’s next for cheerbleederz?

Our next EP lobotany is out now – go buy it (HERE) cos Sophie designed an amazing poster and pin to go with it.

cheerbleederz new EP lobotany is out now via Alcopop! Records, available to purchase HERE.

See cheerbleederz live at one of the following dates:


Sat 29th – LONDON – The Victoria


Sat 11th – OXFORD – Wheatsheaf (w/ Lande Hekt)
Sun 12th – CARDIFF – Wales Goes Pop

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