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MUSIC FEATURE: Life On The Road With…Cory Wells

After closing out 2019 with a tour supporting Dashboard ConfessionalCory Wells returns to the UK and Europe this month in support of his latest album The Way We Are. We caught up the acoustic singer/songwriter ahead of the dates to hear his top tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

I would have to say my favourite thing about touring is being in a new place every day.  Especially in the UK. It’s just so beautiful and always an adventure. And also playing for new and old fans is the most gratifying experience.

Least favourite thing about touring:  

I think just not getting to shower as much as I would prefer to hahaha.  Last tour we had a sleeper van so they were pretty few and far between.

Five essentials for the road:

Besides the obvious things like “toothbrush” which would definitely be number one hahaha…

– A good attitude
– Good company
– As a singer, I drink so much of a tea called “throat coat.”
– We tour in a van and installing curtains changed my life forever
– I finally got a gaming laptop for tour and there is no turning back now.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

Sleeping. I have this irrational fear of not being able to sing every day and sleeping is just a solid block of time where I’m not talking hahaha. I sleep as much as I possibly can.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

Playing in that church in London three nights in a row was incredible. On stage I had this moment of just being at peace with myself that I’ve never had before.

Hilarious moment:

Honestly last night my guitar player bounced a ball in Walmart and it knocked out one of the ceiling panels.  I could not breath hahaha.

Embarrassing moment:

I broke a string on stage in Seattle and I felt pretty unprofessional hahaha, but the recovery was good.

Outrageous moment:

Well in Germany we got pulled over for no reason and the police stole €100 from me. Held our passports hostage. Couldn’t believe that happened.

Drunken moment:

Ahh man I don’t drink on tour. Has to do with that irrational fear of not being able to sing. Performance over anything.

Rewarding moment:

Last week in Detroit I had never heard so many fans sing along at one of my shows. I was seriously crying during my set, I cannot express my gratitude properly.

See Cory Wells on tour with special guests Lizzy Farrell and Luke Rainsford at one of the following dates:


Fri 17th – COLOGNE, DE – MTC Bar
Sun 19th – LEIPZIG, DE – Naumanns
Mon 20th – HAMBURG, DE – Hafenklang
Tue 21st – BERLIN, DE – Auster Club
Wed 22nd – FRANKFURT, DE – Ponyhof
Thu 23rd – ANTWERP, BE – Bouckenborgh
Fri 24th – LONDON, UK – St Pancras Old Church
Sat 25th – BIRMINGHAM, UK – The Victoria

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