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The summer is set to be a busy one for Pennsylvanian rockers Crobot, who are currently on tour throughout the UK as they gear up to release their new album, Motherbrain. We caught up with the band to talk about all things touring, from their top tips to their stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

The rock ‘n’ roll community is such a great circle to be a part of. Anytime we are at a festival or just touring in general, we run into someone we haven’t seen in a long time. Our fans are the most loyal, and every spin around this merry-go-round we get to spend time with people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

Least favourite thing about touring:

The overnight drives and lack of sleep can sometimes wear down, even the best of us. We’ve done our fair share of rotating driving duties and the long hauls can sometimes be hellish. Our weapon of choice for tour traveling is more often than not a sprinter van, which leads us to chasing tour buses to the next gig. Oh and that leaves little time for showering, too! Mmmmmmm…drink it in!

Five essentials for the road:

When we tour the US, we all have Planet fitness memberships which gives us a parking lot to park the sprinter, showers, and usually great facilities to get our pump on…or a great place to feel even more guilty about not working out. Ah well! Dad-bods are coming back, right?

Baby wipes are essential for those moments (or in some cases, days) when we don’t get to shower. The good ol’ vital rinse comes in handy to cut the fermentation process of the nether regions. Oh, and did we mention they make clean-ups a breeze?

Good shoes or fresh insoles are knee-savers for a band that likes to tear up the stage like we do. We may only be in our 30’s but our knees feel like they’re about 90.

Always prepare to lose a few phone chargers. At a minimum, bring two and you’ll probably lose one.

Nothing beats a good pillow on those bumpy rides when you’re trying to catch a few zzz’s in your bunk. Oh, and it’s better than spooning one of your band mates ; )

Your favourite way to pass the time:

We are all foodies and love to scope out the next restaurant to stuff our faces at. We usually pick about five places until we narrow it down. More often than not, we tend to lean towards ramen, pizza, & Tex-Mex spots. Let us know some must haves out England way!

“The Most”

Memorable moment: 

We played Paris two weeks after the terrorist attacks. The atmosphere surrounding Paris was indescribable and something we will never forget. The crowd was absolutely amazing that night and you could tell they were gracious for us not cancelling the show.

Hilarious moment:

During our latest trek to Hollywood, California, we watched Ron Jeremy get into a fender bender that ended up totaling his car. We helped him out and pushed his car to a nearby gas station but kept a piece of his taillight as a souvenir.

Embarrassing moment:

In front of 20,000 people on the first date of the EU Volbeat tour, Bishop’s amp broke. So, for the first three songs we chased each other around the stage until it was fixed. It’s really hard to embarrass us on stage anymore. We’ve had just about everything go wrong at some point or another…

Outrageous moment:

While on a connecting flight in Chicago, Dan found out his dad was in the same airport at the same time. So, we met up and had some grub together.  Sometimes the stars align for impromptu family reunions.

Drunken moment:

At Rise Above Fest we all got drunk and wrestled each other in the artist tent for hours. Or was it tickling? Other bands just pointed and laughed at us and thought we were crazy and dumb.

Rewarding moment:

Playing any home show where friends and family come and pack the house. Also, we played our first sold-out show in Spain where the crowd was singing the words so loudly, we couldn’t hear ourselves play.

Crobot‘s new album Motherbrain is due for release on 23rd August via Mascot Records.

See Crobot live at one of the remaining dates:


Tue 23rd – MANCHESTER – Rebellion
Wed 24th – BLACKPOOL – Waterloo Bar
Thu 25th – BIRMINGHAM – Institute 2
Fri 26th – LONDON – Underworld
Sun 28th – MILTON KEYNES – Craufurd Arms

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