Electronic pop/metallers NOT ENOUGH have had a busy year so far, recently releasing their TO L-VE EP through Famined Records. We caught up with the band to talk about the new record, plans for the rest of the year and more.

Your new EP TO L-VE is out now via Famined Records, but let’s get the important, hard hitting questions out of the way before we get to that. Are NOT ENOUGH cat or dog people?

According to the bands’ internal questionnaire, NOT ENOUGH is 60% dog people and 40% cat people. But it was a tough one, why not both?

Sure, why not! Okay back to business. How did the band meet and how long ago?

I met Sergey I guess in late 2016. I was looking for people to form a band and I found Sergey’s post on a Facebook musicians group. He was looking for a guitarist with two other guys, but almost immediately it was just the two of us left and together we released Wither Away and Dissolving. Since we didn’t know any musicians in the area we continued to search for people on Facebook, and after quite a long time we managed to find Mateusz and Szymon in late 2017. Very recently we found Aleksander, also on Facebook, to fill the gap as a second guitarist.

For those who haven’t yet discovered NOT ENOUGH, what can you tell us about your new EP and what are you most excited for people to hear on the album?

TO L-VE is a mix of metalcore, alternative and rock with dark, ambient electronics and some pop influences. If you’re a fan of Slaves, Bring Me The Horizon, Alazka or Holding Absence – take a listen!

Did you have any guest collaborations, and how did it go?

Yes, we had the pleasure of inviting Nick Serlstedt (Noija, Sweden) to sing a part on For How It Hurts To Forget | For How I Promised I Never Will. He’s a great vocalist and he did great on his part, be sure to check it!

What’s next for NOT ENOUGH? What are your plans for the rest of 2019?  

First we’re planning to release a brand new standalone single this fall. We’ll also be playing some shows for sure, but most of all we’re focusing on writing our first LP, which we want to bring to life as soon as possible. Also, since we’re in good company with our management agency and our label, we’re on the right way to progress as a band in every field, not only in terms of music.

Are there any new bands you’d recommend to Bring The Noise UK and its readers?

Noija from Sweden, Sink or Swim and Artifiction from Switzerland, A Bitter End from France and HARMED from Hungary.

Where can people find the band online and where’s the best place to pick up merch/albums?

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and you can find our merch page HERE. We’ll also be launching our Big Cartel with some new merch really soon, be sure to check it out HERE.

NOT ENOUGH‘s EP TO L-VE is out now via Famined Records.

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