ALBUM REVIEW: From Sorrow To Serenity – Reclaim

From Sorrow to Serenity make their anticipated return with new album Reclaim. Their first full-length with new vocalist Gaz King, Reclaim sees the band build on the very accomplished Remnant of Humanity with an album that should please metalcore fans and push them to the next level.

Whilst an air of menace throughout the record remains from Remnant…, Reclaim sees FSTS add a more melodic element to their sound. But don’t worry there’s still plenty of crunchy riffs and brutal breakdowns. Reclaim’s first four tracks kick things off relentlessly, punishing the senses with urgency and power. Title track Reclaim has a latter-day Parkway Drive feel to it, with quieter, half-spoken vocals building to a huge fist-pumping chorus. We are Liberty is the standout of the opening portion of the album, with chants of “Fight! Fight! Rise! Rise!” leading to an almighty breakdown on what will become a fast favourite on both record and live.

The quality does drop slightly towards the middle of the album, with some of the more common metalcore tropes being used; however the guitar line in Solitude and a tremendous scream and breakdown in Unity Asunder, along with the overall sense of dread found throughout the album, keeps the listener’s interest and leads to a strong final four tracks. Closer Resurgence is quite possibly the strongest track on the album, blending all of the best elements found throughout to finish Reclaim on an impossible high.

Master guitarist Steven Jones took on recording, production and mixing duties, while Ermin Hamidovic (Architects, Bury Tomorrow) handled the mastering and it has to be said, Reclaim sounds fantastic. The band are tight, energetic and Andrew Simpson on bass and Ian Baird on drums sound punishingly huge.

Reclaim feels like the logical next step for From Sorrow to Serenity. The band proved on Remnant of Humanity that they were mature, talented and innovative; Reclaim builds on that, adding new elements to their sound whilst not moving away from their roots or seeking mainstream acceptance. Overall, Reclaim is a really enjoyable album that will see From Sorrow to Serenity fast become favourites of the scene – and rightfully so.


Standout Tracks: We Are Liberty, Reclaim, Resurgence

For Fans of: Heart of a Coward, Fit For an Autopsy, Bleed From Within

Written by: Henry McCaughtrie