MUSIC NEWS: Frank Iero Signs To UNFD And Announce New Album Details

Frank Iero has signed with UNFD and has announced details of his third solo album, to be released under the moniker Frank Iero and the Future Violents. His latest band features longtime collaborator Evan Nestor, Matt Armstrong (ex-Murder by Death), Tucker Rule (Thursday) and Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Golds, Dave Hause, The Mermaid).

“Super excited to be joining the UNFD family,” Iero comments on the signing. “We’ve known each other for a long time and the opportunity to be finally working together with people who really understand the project and believe in it is the greatest thing you could ever ask for.”

Barriers, which will be released on 31st May via the new label, is not only a deeply existential journey, but it is also a triumph for Iero in tackling some of the barriers and obstacles that stood in his creative path.

“It got me thinking about how we set up these obstacles around ourselves,” he says on the creation of Barriers“Sometimes they’re for protection and sometimes they’re to keep people out, and sometimes we even set them up so that we fail and we find solace in that failure. But whenever I find something that scares the shit out of me, that’s when I know I have to do it! And so these songs are about experiences that were either walls I wanted to break down or walls that I’d built up around myself in order to protect myself. But these songs were also things that I’d never attempted before but had always wanted to try.”

If you’d like a taste of the new record make sure you tune into BBC Radio 1 on 20th March to hear the premiere of Young And Doomed on Future Sounds with Annie Mac. The track will then be available on digital service providers from 21st March.

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