MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…The Word Alive

Following the release of their new album Violent Noise and their extensive touring across the USA with In This Moment, we caught up with The Word Alive to hear their top tips and stories from the road.

Favourite thing about touring:

Any time where I get to stand on stage and have fans singing words that mean everything to me back, it’s my favourite thing. I would say not just on tour, but in life probably. I love performing the songs, but typically I actually prefer the studio process and being creative even more so. The only thing that tops that is a great show where people sing along.

Least favourite thing about touring:

Just finding the perfect balance of being “in the game” while also trying to communicate and stay active with relationships from afar albeit family or friends. It can definitely become burdensome when you just feel drained and want to do nothing. But ultimately, those same people help keep you sane while you’re going through things on the road so it’s a fine line to walk.

Five essentials for the road:

I feel like nowadays these are probably very similar, but I would obviously go toiletries number 1, you’ve got to stay up with the hygiene. We travel with upwards of 20+ other guys and it’s very important to not be “that guy” who is smelly and doesn’t give a shit. Number 2, my cell phone to communicate to fans friends family, and just stay up to date with what is happening in the world. Number 3 would be my microphone, wouldn’t get much done without it! Number 4 I guess I would have to say my computer because on top of doing things like this interview and countless others, I like to write but writing with paper and pen on the road is tough. Things get thrown around or ruined pretty easily. Number 5, when possible, would be my dog Colby. She has done several tours and when she’s out it makes me feel like I’m home.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

We have been doing a ton of bowling, almost every single off day. It’s much cheaper as a group than most activities and we have really had a blast doing it. It is a chance for us to not be a “band” but rather just be normal friends hanging out which I think is important.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

My most memorable moment playing on stage would probably be either playing to 30,000 people in a stadium in Manila or a handful of sold out shows we have headlined over the years. I’ll never forget some of our most amazing shows.

Hilarious moment:

Actually recently, on the Witching Hour Tour with In This Moment I was getting the crowd hyped up and running around on stage, 3rd song in we were playing a brand new song called I Fucked Up and well… I fucked up and slipped on a straw, a STRAW of all things that had been thrown on the stage. I went down fast and hard, and all I could do was laugh. Perfect song to do it though.

Embarrassing moment:

I’ve definitely forgotten the words a time or ten, but one time, I literally had to start the song over a couple of years ago. I just said “I forgot the words but there’s no way we can finish the song starting off so bad, so let’s do this again.” And then I proceeded to sing it properly haha.

Outrageous moment:

Probably the most outrageous would be either breaking my back and a couple of ribs in November of 2015 or my leg and knee including a compound fracture in November of 2017. I finished both sets, and didn’t miss a show of either tour afterwards although in hindsight, I probably should have! From now on I’m trying to just stick to staying on the stage!

Drunken moment:

I haven’t had an on stage drunken moment since 2009, but pre-show on one of our first big tours I had a few too many. I almost never drink before we play outside of a drink or two to loosen up but an ex at the time was out and I played one of my worst shows to date because of it. NEVER again!

Rewarding moment:

Easily my most rewarding moment would probably have been when my parents saw me play for the first time out of state, together. It was many years ago when we did our CD release show for Deceiver back in 2010. It set me on the path of being thankful for every moment ever since.


The Word Alive‘s latest album Violent Noise is out now via Fearless Records. 

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