We caught up with Secrets as they head out on the European leg of their headline tour to hear their top tips and stories from the road. From being pranked by Sleeping With Sirens to partying at a millionnaire’s house, it sounds like there’s never a dull moment on a Secrets tour!

Favourite thing about touring:

Getting to play music of course! Everyone in the band genuinely loves to perform every night, but we also love to travel, see the world and most of all eat food! It’s an adventure every day searching for food and trying new things and sometimes we get a little out of hand, especially if we end up picking a terrible spot to eat.

Least favourite thing about touring:

Having to use public restrooms.

Five essentials for the road:

I have to have a fully stocked toiletry bag. If I don’t have a way to keep up my hygiene I will lose my mind.

Favourite way to pass the time:

Typically playing video games, watching movies or listening to music and once in a while it’s nice to chat with my band haha.

“The Mosts”

Memorable moment:

The first time we went to Amsterdam we all bought truffles and took them with us to Paris. We all decided to eat them before going into the Louvre and it was insane. By the time we got to the mona lisa we were so high and and it was insane haha.

Hilarious moment:

The trip to the Louvre had to have been the funniest moment in the band’s history. We were hysterical.

Outrageous moment:

On our 3rd tour ever we opened for Sleeping With Sirens for their first headliner and on the last day they decided to prank us by gradually taking each piece of our gear off stage during our last song. By the time we finished the song our drummer only had his throne and I had my mic. It was pretty insane and a great introduction into the touring world.

Drunken moment:

We attended some random millionaire’s fourth of July party while recording our first record and they had an open bar, we don’t mix well with open bars, cause we can’t seem to stop ourselves. By the end of the night everybody was basically blacked out and out of our minds, but it was such a fun night full of great drinks, amazing food and unfortunately dancing. To this day I still don’t know who the host was, but if you’re reading this, thank you.

Rewarding moment:

Every day that we get to continue to do this is rewarding. It’s hard to pinpoint one specific moment cause there are so many memories that I hold dear to me from signing our first record deal, accepting our first tour and sleeping in our van for the first time in a wall-mart parking lot, so I guess the moment we decided to start this band is my most rewarding moment.


See Secrets live at one of the following shows, with support from Our Hollow, Our Home.


Tue 28th – EINDHOVEN, NL – Dynamo
Wed 29th – LEIPZIG, DE – Naumanns
Thu 30th – BERLIN, DE – Maze Club


Fri 1st – WROCLAW, PL – DK Luksus
Sat 2nd – PRAGUE, CZ – Klub 007
Sun 3rd – BUDAPEST, HU – A38 Ship
Mon 4th – VIENNA, AT – Arena
Tue 5th – MUNICH, DE – Backstage
Wed 6th – MILAN, IT – Circolo Svolta
Thu 7th – AARAU, CH – Kiff
Fri 8th – TESSENDERLO, BE – The Box
Sat 9th – BOCHUM, DE – Matrix

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