MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Volumes

Having just spent the summer appearing across America on Warped Tour, heavy rockers Volumes are touring experts – that’s why we caught up with them to hear their top tips and stories from the road.

What’s your favourite thing about touring?

Seeing new places with my friends and connecting with fans.

What’s your least favourite thing about touring?

Airports – I don’t like airports.

What are the five essential things you need on the road?

My phone, my passport, good weed, my headphones and a white pair of Vans.

What’s your favourite way to pass the time when you’re on tour?

I like to look out of the window a lot and I like to listen to music a lot. I like to watch the scenery go by.

“The Most”

Memorable moment of your touring history.

Playing Warped Tour – it was my first show with Volumes, and I was really pumped.

Most hilarious moment on tour.

We got on trouble on the ferry from mainland Europe to the UK.

Most embarrassing moment.

I fell off the stage on my third show; I mis-stepped and fell onto a monitor.

Most outrageous moment.

We presented an award to Of Mice & Men at the APMAs, which was pretty outrageous.

Most drunken moment.

Last year at the APMAs.

Most rewarding moment.

Finishing the album. It took a while to get it done; we took our time to get it done. It was rewarding when we turned the album into the label.


Volumes’ latest album Different Animals is out now via Fearless Records. 

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