MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Black Coast

Hardcore/metal outfit Black Coast hit the road this week with Cove, in support of their latest single ‘Lawless’. We caught up with the band ahead of the tour to discuss their tips, essential items and stories involving Speedos and trapping hands in doors…

Favourite thing about touring:

Being out on the road with five mates (including roadie) and just playing music and seeing people enjoy the songs you wrote in a shitty little practice room. Also seeing the country is always nice.

Least favourite thing about touring:

It’s probably our Matty (drummer) needing a poo every single morning of tour, or the weather: if it’s too hot it’s gross in the van and if it’s too cold we all freeze our knackers off!

Five essentials for the road:

Gotta be baby wipes, beer, iPod, Percy Pigs and you always need the air freshener by the last day.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

It depends, most of the time we play cards, have a walk around the city or try to find something to do. We love a good car boot when we’re on tour, but if it’s boring people will sleep, watch films or rip the piss out of each other haha.

“The Most”

Memorable moment:

There’s a couple, but the main one would definitely be playing a sick show in Plymouth at The Junction. After the show we got some pizza, beers and chilled on the beach, then woke up on the seafront looking at the sea straight out of our bunks!

Hilarious moment:

Getting lost one night and asking some dodgy Masonry cult that we stumbled across for directions for somewhere to sleep for the night ahaha!

Embarrassing moment:

Well Scott, Charlie and Marvo decided they wanted go swimming so they brought some trunks and went in an outdoor pool full of people, in Speedos which were about twenty times too small for them. Ass crack canyon!

Outrageous moment:

When our roadie (Marvo) trapped our drummer’s hand in the van door, and when I say trapped I mean like full on slammed that fucker closed! It’s a good job that Matty has hands like sledgehammers. He didn’t cry though!

Drunken moment:

You know what it’s like, a few beers in and tempers flare! Well Birdy and Scott had a disagreement one night at a service station so they proceeded to jump out of the van and settle it…not knowing there were loads of police behind us having a brew ahah. Whoops.

Rewarding moment:

To be honest every show is rewarding to us. Being given the chance to do this is such a dream come true. But probably playing Exeter and being the complete underdog band, from nobody knowing us to getting the place packed out and seeing people go crazy. It was so awesome and a great way to finish that tour!


Catch Black Coast at one of the following UK dates:


Wed 18th – LONDON – Black Heart
Thu 19th – BIRMINGHAM – Subside
Fri 20th – CORBY – Hut
Sat 21st – WORKINGTON – Lounge

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