ALBUM REVIEW: Casey – Love Is Not Enough

Love Is Not Enough is the debut full-length from Hassle Records signing Casey, packed to the rafters with emotionally charged guitar lines and captivating, heartfelt lyrics – they’re onto a winner. Once known for its strong music scene, South Wales is making a revival and Casey are leading the pack.

From our first listen this strikes us as an album that must be listened to and admired as a whole, to fully appreciate what Casey have achieved. Little Bird flaunts melodic vocals, entwined with raw, ragged shouts emphasising the emotional content of the track. “You were my little bird and I saw fit to clip your wings and then resented you because for me you never chose to sing” – the fear of controlling your own little bird then looking upon the mess it left you in. There’s something beautifully heartbreaking within this track, and matched with the pounding, frantic guitar lines it’s a winner.

Following suit is Haze, a delicate guitar line introduction is followed by delicate, whispered tones before the post-hardcore sound Casey have made their own comes into action. A notable mention once again to the relationship-inspired lyrics, ringing true for many and providing a moment of thought within the chaos: “I hope I never hear your name again. Now the home we made is nothing more than a house where we fucked and we ate but never fell in love.” Brutal.

Casey are stepping out of the usual genre constraints with Darling, yet as sincere as the name suggests, it appears getting our heart ripped out is the theme of this release; something that the quintet do with ease. It might not be breaking any new musical ground, but it’s making their unique mark in a crowded scene. The transition to following track Sleep is fierce, rowdy and the other end of the musical spectrum: loud, fast-paced, shouty vocals thrash their way into your brain, and as one of the heaviest tracks on the release you’ll want to do anything but sleep.

Lead single Ceremony has received substantial amounts of attention following its debut on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter. Fitting in perfectly with the album mix it highlights the quintet’s sheer strength: vocal build ups see a full blown chorus erupt with winding drumlines, and more heart and soul than we can take. However along with following track Cavities both – despite being great – don’t shine the brightest on this release. Maybe our standards are too high now we’ve seen what Casey can do, but we know that these two tracks are not their strongest efforts.

As we reach the final two songs on the record, Doubt and Mourning, we’re offered a contrasting combination. The enchanting tones of Doubt send a shiver down the spine. Lyrically, this song sings of when you have personal struggles, that those close to you: “It’s hard, to be honest with myself, I should have been honest with you.” At times you forget which band you’re listening to and expect a big dramatic climax; it never comes, but that’s the beauty of Casey, they love to surprise you. Closing track Mourning takes a different approach with lashings of bashful guitar and angsty, raw, intense shouting. Relationships take a large role in these tracks, but each features a different aspect which allows the band explore the theme on a much deeper level.

Casey have successfully shown that they’re not just a one trick band. They have the ability to create a release flaunting a multitude of genre elements, creating a debut that puts them in good footing for their future ventures.


Standout Tracks: Haze, Darling, Sleep

For Fans Of: Crooks, Blood Youth, Touché Amoré

Written By: Nicola Craig

Nicola Craig
Head of Live with an unwavering love for the seaside, live music and writing about others instead of myself. Twitter: @nicolalalalar