ALBUM REVIEW: Young Guns – Echoes

It’s only been seven years since Young Guns released their debut EP, Mirrors, and yet it feels as though the band have been around an awful lot longer. Having released three albums since, and following the recent departure of drummer Ben Jolliffe, Young Guns might just be at their best.

Even though they’ve been consistently good throughout all of their releases, Echoes is Young Guns achieving radio-friendly songs that are still true to their particular brand of melodic rock. This still sounds exactly like Young Guns, but it’s them polishing their sound into something specific to themselves.

Singer Gustav Wood‘s vocals are, yet again, unfalteringly brilliant in their delivery; the guitars equally as hook-laden and huge as they’ve always sounded, but this album is far more polished and put together than their previous efforts. The tracks fit almost seamlessly together as a collective without sounding repetitive – it feels as though you’re listening to a band who have found their groove and are sticking to it relentlessly, becoming more interesting as opposed to boring.

Each song is as anthemic as the last, by combining the better aspects of their previous three albums: with the more electronic feel of Ones and Zeros combined with the huge-sounding guitars and strong lyrics of their first two albums, they’ve managed to deliver an album that’s positively oozing with potential singles. From the first notes of the album’s opener, Bulletproof, to the title track and Mad World, and even on one of the album’s slower moments, Mercury in Retrograde, there is some pretty conclusive proof that Young Guns are experts at writing innately catchy music.

Whilst their sound may have slightly softened around the edges over the years – this album is nowhere near as heavy as All Our Kings Are Dead, for example – there’s plenty of reason to think that Young Guns are on the top of their game with Echoes. It sees them honing their sound into something that is completely unique to them, and it’s hugely enjoyable to listen to. This is the album they needed to make, and they’ve done themselves proud with it.


For Fans Of: Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis

Standout Tracks: Bulletproof, Echoes, Awakening, Mercury in Retrograde

Written By: Emily Laws