It’s Saturday at Download, the weather has dried up enough and the sun is as bright as Anti Flag drummer Pat Thetic’s hair. We were lucky enough to catch up with him to chat about touring, playing Download and general life.

Hey Pat! How are you? 

Feeling pretty good!

It’s not your first time at the rock festival rodeo, you guys have played Reading & Leeds in 2012 and Download back in 2011. Do you still get excited? 

Yeah we always do!

What would you say is your favourite? 

The best one to date? I would have to say Sziget Festival in Budapest, just because there’s so many different types of people that come to that festival and it’s a whole week with loads of things going on there. I mean you experience this at Download but there you realise that all the bullshit you deal with in real life you don’t have to, because there’s a group of people here that can live in a passionate way without having cops on their ass all the time and all these other things that bring people down and you’re like, “why can’t we live like this all the time? It doesn’t have to be as shitty as it is outside these doors.”

We agree! There’s a sense of freedom, directive purpose and love of music at festivals that we love. Everyone comes together for a love of music and everyone is so nice to one and other – why can’t we all be like that in real life! 

Good! Yeah exactly!

So besides getting to have these positive experiences at festivals what’s been you biggest personal achievement within the band? 

[Long pause] errrrrr, biggest achievement is overcoming all the bullshit and keeping the four of us together together through that, well I mean there’s been 5-6 of us who have all been together for the last 10-15 years. Being able to find a way to not only economically but as a group of people being able to create interesting things is one! There’s a community built up around the band and I am very proud of that community. Not just the four of us in the band but all of the people that have worked with us directly and all of the people that have joined the community over time.

You should be proud of that! 

Thank you! We’ve played rock shows to hundreds and thousands of people, we’ve played shows to 40 people – it doesn’t matter how many people are at the show that community is created.

Thats what it’s all about, that live energy! What is your favourite song to play live? 

Brandenburg Gate it’s off the new record (American Spring).  It’s just easy to play more than anything and people tend to like it. We are able to break down the barriers from band to audience.

We can’t wait to hear it on your set later! You guys have been around since 1992, have you ever had to give up something to make the band happen and to keep it going? 

I have given up a lot! Relationships for sure, being in a band on tour people in the real world, little things you realise in your band is that when you go away for six weeks it’s like you’re away for away for a day. Yet, everyone else in your life has lived that six weeks so then you go back into their life and they’re like “you’ve missed so much of my life.” It’s a challenge to maintain a relationship and be in a band.

Are you happy with where you are now? 

Yeah absolutely!

Good! So of course you’re on tour at the moment, but what’s next? Have you got any secret plans? 

We’ve got a new video coming out that’s pretty fucking awesome! We’re using a new type of technology and I saw a cut of it the other day  and it’s pretty neat. I don’t know when it’s gonna air so just check out all that social media bullshit. [Laughs] In the next month or so.

Ok well now we’re excited! Our eyes will be peeled! Well that’s everything have a great show and thanks for letting us pick your brain.

Thats great! Thanks Charly.

Interview by: Charly Phillips