ALBUM REVIEW: Rob Lynch – Baby, I’m A Runaway

If you like your guitar music a bit poppy, with a touch of country & rock accompanied with honest and heartfelt lyrics, then Rob Lynch is the one for you.

With early beginnings under Lost On Campus before switching to his birth name in 2011,  Rob Lynch has been releasing and touring his music all over the world to a much deserved positive response. His debut album, All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul, released way back in 2014 by Xtra Mile Recordings, received much praise and included fan favourites My Friends & I and Whiskey. He’s finally back with new album Baby, I’m A Runaway and we couldn’t be happier.

Baby, I’m A Runaway opens with lead single Prove It! With an accompanying music video that is just as fun as the track itself, Prove It! has all of the positive vibes. The closest there is to a title track – Runaway – follows and, along with Good For Me, forms a trio of songs that instantly make you feel good. The carefree and PMA attitude would do absolute wonders for anyone looking for that boost of energy.

Though there are a mix of styles within the album, together they work: the more relaxed sounds of Tectonic Plates and Youth provide small breaks in between the higher energy guitar and very bluntly show off the emotions behind the lyrics.

Selfish Bones is one of the standout moments. Lyrically it tugs at the heartstrings a little, with the emotions and ideas of not being enough for someone echoing through. Rather than being the weepy song that it could be, Lynch creates an upbeat, apologetic song that has a kick to it.

A fun, occasionally emotional, and honest record, Baby, I’m A Runaway is the perfect soundtrack for any time of day. From lazy chilled out evenings to long summer road trips there’s something within it for every moment. We are big fans.


Standout Tracks: Selfish Bones, Runaway, Good For Me

For Fans Of: Frank Turner, Tellison

Written By: Laura Brown

Laura Brown
My favourite song changes every day and I hate tequila. One time I met Vanilla Ice.