ALBUM REVIEW: Night Verses – Into The Vanishing Night

It’s one thing to incorporate more experimental ideas into your sound, but it’s another thing entirely to do so when you are one album in to your career, especially considering that one album made waves by delivering an already standout style. Such a statement would fit suit to the gambit made by Night Verses on their second album Into The Vanishing Night.

Admittedly a little alienated at first by what felt like complete departure from their critically acclaimed Lift Your Existence and the vibes that album provided, the new album received numerous plays in order to fully understand it and get past any misconceptions on what it is not trying to be, something we feel to be an incredibly important aspect to truly enjoying not just this album, but any album.

Signature Night Verses melodies are coated by a veil of astral and murky soundscapes, which in some cases only end up dulling the potential and character of the track, such a thing prominent in Connecting Hexes and Panic and Pull Your Heart Out. These are two of a couple more songs on the album which seem to anchor the band in its place instead of assisting them reaching the goal that they have clearly set for Into the Vanishing Night. Creativity is on show no doubt, yet ultimately ends in being far too forgettable for a savouring taste.

Now, the risks and negatives of embracing something new are obvious, but what are less obvious are the truly brilliant conceptions that spawn forth from a successful gamble. Whilst admittedly needing some warming to, A Dialogue in Cataplexy has soared as one of the personal favourites from both the album and the band’s career. On the other end of the spectrum are tracks that have emerged from the aforementioned oily murk of a soundscape dripping in its character, primarily Vantablack, Growing Out of Orbit and Drift. These are tracks that prove that Night Verses are completely capable of growing something strange, bewildering yet utterly fascinating in their search for something not quite the norm.

With so many ingredients being added to this record, it will be of no surprise to see opinions divided over it. Night Verses will find many new fans with this record but they will have certainly alienated a small or even large portion of their already devout fanbase; however the record does not deserve criticism for this act. The strive to create something different is not an act to be shunned for and this very fact needs upmost emphasis. And for those who support this action, Into The Vanishing Night will be a much more enjoyable listen. God only knows what the next step of the career of Night Verses will be.


Standout Tracks: Growing Out of Orbit, A Dialogue in Cataplexy

For Fans Of: Deftones, Glassjaw, At the Drive-In

Written by: Andrew Macdonald