MUSIC NEWS: Zippo Launch Virtual Download Festival Lighter App

Have you ever been in the situation where you don’t have a lighter when your favourite band asks the crowds to get them out? Well Zippo have the answer with the virtual version of their limited edition Download Festival lighter – and, it’s free!

Available until the 20th June (plenty of time to make use of it at the festival this weekend!), the app is available to download from both Android and iOS devices.

Zippo has long been synonymous with music, and enjoys a rich rock n’ roll heritage. Since the iconic sea of flames was created when Zippo Lighters were first waved in the air calling for an “encore”, the Windproof Lighters have become the ultimate accessory for making a bold statement in music. With the Virtual Zippo Lighter you don’t risk the flame ever running out!

Just like the iconic Zippo Lighter you can open the lid with a flick of your wrist and light the flame with a turn of your thumb. Not only that but the windproof flame sways as you move your mobile phone and reacts when you try to blow it out. Choose from a variety of designs and even customise a handful of selected lighters by engraving a message in your favourite font.

The Zippo app has had more than 22 million downloads across iOS and Android, make sure you don’t miss out!

Download the app for iPhone HERE and Android HERE.

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