MUSIC NEWS: Giraffe Tongue Orchestra Announce Debut Album ‘Broken Lines’

What do you get if you put members of Alice In Chains, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, Dethklok and The Mars Volta in a room together? We can’t think of a witty punchline but the answer is Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, who will be releasing their debut album Broken Lines on the 23rd September via Party Smasher Inc/Cooking Vinyl.

If the name and member composition isn’t enough to intrigue you then we’re not sure what will!

Talking of which, Brent Hinds explains where the name actually came from:

“During the time Mastodon was there for Soundwave, I was at the zoo in Sydney, Australia and was checking out the giraffes.  They are amazing animals – one just grabbed a bunch of bananas from my hand with its tongue and peeled them with it as well – by the time the bananas got to its mouth, they were ready to be eaten.  I saw Ben, who was at Soundwave too, and said ‘Man I think I found the name for our band,’ and told him the story.”

The band have put together a PledgeMusic campaign featuring limited edition items and experiences – if you want to get your hands on autographed signature series guitars and lyric sheets head over to the website HERE.

You can also pre-order Broken Lines via Amazon and iTunes.

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