It’s Sunday in the press room at Drownload and the rain is starting again. Luckily we caught up with the Billy Talent boys – lead guitarist Ian D’Sa and bassist Jonathan Gallant – which perked us right up!

Hi guys! 

Both: Hey

Ian: Good to see you.

Great to see you guys, we’re so excited for your set later! 

Jonathan: yeah it’s going to be good.

I: We’re stoked!

It’s not your first time at the rock rodeo in terms of festivals, you guys have headlined a stage at Reading & Leeds 2012 and many more. What’s your favourite?

I: Our favourite? Man! Erm there’s lots of great ones in Europe that’s for sure.

J: We love proper rock festivals like Download.

I: We’ve played it a couple times we always enjoy it.

Well you must be pros because you’re so clean!

[Points to spotless suit trousers and shirt, both laugh]

JWe got given new clothes.

Oh amazing lucky for some!

[All laugh]

It’s great when the rain holds up! Seems like every time WE get rusted from the rain!

[Both laugh]

Whats your favourite song to play live at a festival? 

I: Mine at the moment is Big Red Gun.

J: Yeah the new ones are really fun!

Whats the best song to play to get the crowd going? 

I: Red Flag is so popular both in the UK and the US.

That’s on the soundtrack to our youth so yeah! 

I: Oh really? Awesome [laughs]

You’re new album, Afraid of Heights, is dropping July 29th – what’s the vibe of the album? 

I: I mean it’s called Afraid of Heights, so it’s all about over coming struggles.

Thats a great message, we’re so excited for it to be released. We’re sorry to hear about Aaron’s MS relapse. Obviously you have Alexisonfire’s drummer Jordan stepping in, did it change the dynamic of the record at all? 

J: When we got Jordan in all of the drum parts had been worked out by Aaron so the adjustment has been learning the songs. He’s been a drummer for many years so he picked it up easy.

I: I think it affects us more live to be honest and the vibe more so than in the studio. We’re still learning the new connection on stage.

J: We’ve played several shows now and each show gets more comfortable and Jordan’s an incredible drummer and a really great person.

It’s always good when you find someone you vibe with and it doesn’t seem forced!

I: Exactly!

We send well wishes to Aaron. 

Both: Thank you.

You guys are off to Austrailia and Japan after this, what’s the most exciting of your future plans? 

J: Yeah that’s in August we do a US tour in September, back here in October and more of Europe in the fall.

Right guys it’s time to jump into Bring The Noise Fun Box (a box of random questions) we don’t know what you’re gonna pick so this will be fun! 

I: Ah that’s awesome, alright!

[Both pick questions]

If one of you had to enter a beauty contest who would it be?

J:  It would have to be Ben.

I: [hysterically laughing] why!?

J: [laughing] He’s the most beautiful!

Second one: If you could invent a law what would it be? 

I: Erm no more hand guns anywhere in the world!

We second that! You wanna do one more? 

Both: sure!

[Ian picks and looks shocked and laughs]

Oh no what is it! 

[Reads aloud]

If you could be tortured by one song on repeat what would it be?

Both: That’s happened before!

Oh wow really? Tell us the story of musical torture…

I: [laughs] It was in a hotel lobby after Download and it was a remix on repeat for 4 hours!

We bet that drove you insane! Right last one sadly… What is the most Rock and Roll thing you’ve done? 

J: Wow I don’t know!

I: Ohhhhhh I do! The hotel…

J: [goes red] I ended up running through a hotel room in my sleep, naked.

I: The hallway!

J: The hallway yeah, of a different floor! That was funny!

Wow! I think that’s been the best fun box question answer of the festival!

[All high five]

Well thanks for talking to us and can’t wait to hear your set! 

Both: Thank you!

Interview By: Charly Phillips