ALBUM REVIEW: As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After (Deluxe Edition)

Brighton pop punk rockers As It Is have had a hell of a four years since their formation in 2012. Having signed to Fearless Records in October of 2014, as well as self releasing four EPs,  the band have gone on to perform at last year’s Reading & Leeds Festival as well as performing at every date on the 2015 Warped Tour.

April 2015 saw the band release their debut album Never Happy, Ever After. The album made its way into the UK Top 40 and the band managed to creep their way into the US Top 200 at 159. Met with much acclaim, the album was praised for its lyrics, emotions and fresh punk feel. A year down the line the band have re-released Never Happy, Ever After with some extra treats for fans.

The updated version of the album comes with one new track and three acoustic versions of album tracks. New song Winter’s Weather is packed with just as much emotion and clever lyrics as would be expected from As It Is. In line with the emotions, the song gradually builds and builds. At the two and a half minute mark it seems to hit the climax with a scream and that guitar drop you’ve been waiting for.

The acoustic tracks are the really special things here. Fan favourites Concrete, Cheapshots & Setbacks and Dial Tones have been given a makeover and a new life brought to them. Concrete, with vocals from Ansley Newman, is a beautiful track with vocals that blend together perfectly. The fun and ultimate pop punk singalong track Cheapshots & Setbacks is brought down a level, but it works. The emotion and lyrics come through in a new way that changes the song up a little.

Dial Tones performed acoustically is the standout track here. A song that already has so much feeling behind it is taken to a whole new level. Hearbreakingly beautiful is the best way to sum up the emotions conveyed through the raw lyrics that will continue to hit people in exactly the right place. It is surely impossible to not at least feel something when you listen to it.

The original tracks from Never Happy, Ever After are well worth a relisten to. The album is a jam packed mixture of fun and loud pop punk songs and beautiful punk ballads. My Oceans Were Lakes comes mid way through the album, following Dial Tones, and provides a calming drop from the loud punchy tracks before it. Previous to it there are the big sounds of Sorry and Drowning Deep In Doubt, full of catchy lyrics and infectious riffs.

As It Is have starting making waves and are sure to continue. With upcoming live dates fans and those new to the band are in for a treat.


Stand Out Tracks: Dial Tones (Acoustic), Sorry

For Fans Of: Roam, Neck Deep

Written By: Laura Brown

Laura Brown
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