Eccentric four-piece FALLS – who brand themselves as ‘f*ck rock’ and ‘sass pop’ – release their brand new EP One Hundred Percent Strong on Friday via Venn Records. We caught up with the band before they head out on a co-headline run with I Cried Wolf this weekend to hear some of their crazy stories from the road…

Favourite thing about touring:

There are loads of good things about touring: Tebay services, getting to see lots of indigenous British wildlife such as rabbits and red kites and spiky little hedgehog mates. Our absolute favourite thing is that you get to shower in stranger’s houses and judge their choice of soaps.

Least favourite thing about touring:

When you run out of underpants and have to go to a supermarket to buy more, they only have a woven boxer short and your body is accustomed to a snug cotton boxer brief. That can really bum the vibe for a good half hour.

Five essentials for the road:

‘Girl’s Night In’ R&B playlist.

Twenty five thousand gallons of bottled water.

Towels, Towels, Towels.

Inflatable everythings.

A tour mascot! Last time it was an adorable golden cowboy hat, who knows what it will be this time.

Your favourite way to pass the time:

We like to eat crisps and complain about things.

“The Most”

Memorable moment: 

Waking up in a hotel room full of blood to find our drummer missing. Turns out he had just gone for a walk to the set of Emmerdale AS IS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT and the blood, well we won’t talk about that.

Hilarious moment:

Martin fell off a table onto his neck. It was a pretty serious bump and though schadenfreude doesn’t usually amuse me, this was Martin and because he is impervious to pain as we humans know it, I could enjoy the moment for what it was; HILARIOUS.

Embarrassing moment:

We are four mentally frail men in our mid-to-late twenties who take our clothes off to perform riffed-up pop songs about animals to rooms full of teenagers. Once you make peace with that, embarrassment is not a word in one’s lexicon.

Outrageous moment:

We played a show in Barnsley and everybody started shaving each other with some hair clippers that materialised during our set. Jason from All Us On Drugs shaved some guy’s head, Martin’s beard, Martin’s chest, other people’s beards – It was a pretty fun set.

Drunken moment:

Ben once drank a lot of red wine at a memorial gig and fell asleep on stage during the headlining death-metal-core-something band. He had a white vest on that had turned purple from spilled wine. It wasn’t fun or outrageous or debauched, but it was very, very drunk.

Rewarding moment:

FOR REALSIES it’s dead cool and good when somebody or some people know the words, or want something signed, or want to drop a tenner they could easily spend elsewhere on something to do with us. It’s what it’s all about really. When you start out you spend a lot of time begging people to download a free demo, and for that to turn in to people asking us to sign THEIR BODIES for them at a sold out Enter Shikari show, well that’s dead smart right?


Catch FALLS on tour this weekend on a co-headline run with I Cried Wolf:


Thu 12th – WREXHAM – Rewind (Focus Wales)*
Fri 13th – LIVERPOOL – Maguires
Sat 14th – CHELTENHAM – Frog & Fiddle
Sun 15th – CREWE – The Box
Thu 19th – BIRMINGHAM – Subside
Sun 29th – BRISTOL – Stag & Hounds (ArcTanGent Warm-Up)*

*FALLS only

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