EP REVIEW: Story – Hopeless But Hoping

Love a bit of post-hardcore? (we do!) Giving us a taster of their new sophomore EP are new kids on the block, Story. Released on 4th March, their new record, Hopeless But Hoping, promises to not conform to genre and push the boundaries.

Self-produced material from new bands are always an interesting gamble, as they allow a true and raw sound that’s untouched by industry big wigs and this one is no exception. Produced by drummer, Chris Ogden and completed by bassist Tom Walker, this 6 song EP is definitely an in-house passion project from the Sheffield born quintet. The message, which you get very clearly from the borderline emo lyrics, is about letting go of someone you’ve lost. A topic well overused, but with the band claiming a “heavy and soft side appeal”, does this record bring something unique to the table? To be kind, no, but that doesn’t mean it’s not totally worth a listen: there are a few attention grabbing elements.

Article 10 is an odd choice for an opener and not one of their strongest. It has a very ‘been done to death’ structure in ways of a soft musical interlude with childish and clumsy harmonies, broken with aggressive yet simple breakdowns and complimented with an off key screaming segment from frontman Bill Hobson, which is about as limp as a rich biscuit in hot tea.

Push Me Away and Community pack more of a punch from the get go with A Day To Remember like guitar meltdowns from Gratton and Baxter (just at 50% less power). Trust us that Hobson’s vocals do get progressively better with each track, but still fall a little short; however there is an undoubtable peppy energy to this track and the chorus will linger like a funky smell for a few hours, one we’re not sure is good or bad?

Owning and perfecting your sound is key and we begin to see a glimmer of hope in Letting Go. This track brings it back to basics with a more effortless power, showing a more natural sound. A gentle drum interlude highlights the potential from Hobson, that with the easing off of the overworked guitars makes this a standout track. Walker, Gratton and Baxter play very well together on this track, especially when the Mexicana twang slaps you round the face and adds a level of sass that we didn’t think they would achieve.

Should you give this EP a listen? If you like Mallory Knox and most of Kerrang’s Local Heroes press play now; if you like a twist of originality compared to the regurgitation of the post-hardcore scene, sadly you will need to skip this as there is no breaking of conventions here. Only a handful of young bands manage to do this straight off the bat as originality really is a thing of the past. Honestly, this isn’t a bad try from these Sheffield newcomers. Saying this, we’re just not entirely sold – we’re happy to sit on the fence and watch this space.


Standout Tracks: Letting Go, Hopeless But Hoping and Push Me Away

For Fans Of: Young Guns, Mallory Knox, Young Guns, Architects, A Day To Remember

Written By: Charly Phillips