ALBUM REVIEW: Pomegranate Tiger – Boundless

From the opening Tron-esque crescendo of Manifesto, and its subsequent riff onslaught, you are given a very succinct idea of what you’re going to get from Boundless by Pomegranate Tiger. Intelligent, creative, mind boggling – all through sheer instrumentation and talent.

An instrumental record can, at times, be difficult to digest. Where Boundless hits it right is through musical storytelling, using the guitar as a lyrical instrument, to weave highs and lows together in the music and subtly draw you in.

Title track Boundless has elements of Periphery and Animals as Leaders to it, Paper Hammers has classical leanings, with stunning jazz guitar laid over the top. It all just goes to show the depth of study that the members of Pomegranate Tiger have gone to in order to perfect their craft, and their ability to flex their creative muscles is something to sit back and soak in in wonder.

For all the wacky synths, flurry of notes, and pomp of piano used in Boundless, Pomegranate Tiger frequently masters the art of knowing when to hold back. When technical ability could shine through, the melody does the talking. Let the instrumentation and balance of notes talk to you, and it’s on The Masked Ball where this is delivered with aplomb.

The 7:20 magnum opus, The Masked Ball, is Pomegranate Tiger at his fruitful, majestic best. All the groove of Pantera, all the heaviness of Meshuggah, in the world of progressive music it doesn’t get much better than this. A stunning, operatic, emotionally charged track, The Masked Ball soars when it gets into full flow and doesn’t waste a second of your time.

If Pomegranate Tiger could take a track like this and develop it into a full record, flesh it out, and continue the melodic theme throughout an entire album.. well, you’d be listening to something completely flawless.

Boundless sounds futuristic, huge, has a real sense of adventure to it, with huge emotional highs and lows. A real triumph with real heart. What makes it all the more impressive is that it’s done in a highly crowded genre, with a lack of vocals. Good work, Pomegranate Tiger.


Standout Tracks: Boundless, The Masked Ball, Color Theory

For Fans Of: Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Sikth

Written By: Chris Robinson