ALBUM REVIEW: Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound

Bury Tomorrow are on the verge of something very special; the problem is, they have been for a while. Adored as home-grown talent, even regarded as one of Britain’s finest, but again, they have been for a while. Now the South Coast metallers strike for the fourth time with Earthbound, and by sticking straight and true to their metalcore ideology, they might just cross the bridge this time.

The parameters of metalcore are notoriously narrow, but that is used advantageously on this record. Earthbound and 301 tear through riffs like a beast with a bloody carcass, Restless & Cold mixes tempos in a previously untested manner, and The Burden possess probably the weightiest chorus of their sizeable catalogue.

Past successes are revisited – The Eternal, in particular, is very Portraits in execution – but past blemishes are also smoothed over. Breakdowns are seldom basic, replaced now with interesting rhythms, and even better leads accompany them. The rough and smooth of Dani Winter-Bates and Jason Cameron not only compliment one another, but also the desolate, yet hopeful message behind much of the record.

Perhaps the only criticism lies with its duration. “Quality over quantity” is never a bad philosophy to deliver, and there is nothing wrong with leaving them wanting more; but arguably it is too short. Each one of the ten hits come and go with precision and venom, but it feels like it is over before it has barely begun. They have a bit more in their locker, there is no doubt about that.

Bar Lionheart, Earthbound is full of Bury Tomorrow‘s best material so far. It is now time for them to become the prestigious global export they have always threatened to be.


Standout Track: The Burden

For Fans Of: Parkway Drive

Written by: Matt Borucki

The most un-metal metal head you'll ever meet.