Would you walk 300km to attend the MTV Europe Music Awards?

Sony Ericsson’s FanWalk to the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards is back for the fourth year, the unique event is sure to draw some attention. The concept is simple you register online, get lots of votes so you can be one of the lucky hundred that will participate in the walk and then you take part in the Fanwalk, which means you will walk 300 Kilometres over ten days from Hamburg to Berlin. Completing various challenges along the way to be in the chance of presenting an award live onstage at the awards. If your brave enough read all the details below and check out the video at the bottom of the page…

Sony Ericsson is inviting music fans to apply for the second annual Sony Ericsson FanWalk experience at for the chance to attend the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards and win the ultimate prize of presenting an Award live on stage. Sony Ericsson have partnered with MTV Networks International for the fourth time, to offer all music lovers a once-in-a-lifetime music adventure that will see 100 dedicated fans walk from Hamburg to Berlin, from October 27 to November 5.

An unforgettable experience, a music adventure, a thrilling challenge – and 99 of the most dedicated music fans from all over Europe: that is Sony Ericsson’s FanWalk, enabling music enthusiasts to be part of an international movement of fans. Participants will be selected from 15 countries and will walk together from Hamburg to Berlin from October 27 to November 5 to join the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards. FanWalkers will experience friendship and entertainment together. It’s all about establishing new and lasting friendships with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and forging a sense of unity among music enthusiasts throughout Europe.

On their way to music, FanWalkers will have to overcome exciting challenges to qualify for the MTV Award presentation. For example, in 2008 FanWalkers had to find instruments for free and busk for charity. From karaoke to Halloween, from live gigs to band bowling and singing beside the fireplace, FanWalkers celebrated music like there was no tomorrow.

On arrival in Berlin, the final day of the mission, the 100 FanWalkers will all receive tickets to the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards and will join their music idols at the legendary after-show party on November 5. But that’s not all: one selected FanWalker will have the unique opportunity to present an MTV Award live on stage.

Robert Styppa, Head of Marketing Western Europe at Sony Ericsson, comments: “Having had a big success with the Sony Ericsson Fanwalk to the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2008 it was logical for us to continue to build on this property in 2009. There continues to be a growing demand for innovation between music and mobile technology, and as the communication entertainment brand we are continuously working towards providing consumers with unlimited entertainment”.

Fans have until October 5 to apply to join FanWalk at After the online casting, where candidates have to win at least 50% of the website’s visitors’ votes, Sony Ericsson’s jury will consider the creativity of the profiles and the originality of the answers to create a shortlist of finalists. The jury will then interview a selection of FanWalkers before the final 100 FanWalkers are selected.

Fans not participating can watch FanWalk virtually: daily online updates from and about FanWalkers will provide a captivating multimedia experience. FanWalkers themselves will contribute interviews, photos, videos and travel reports to a collaborative multimedia online diary at They will also upload daily blog posts from their Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Direct contact is possible too: FanWalkers will be active on social media platforms like Facebook™, Twitter, hi5 and Bebo.

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