MUSIC INTERVIEW: Kaspar Boye Larsen – Volbeat

Great Danes Volbeat brought their ass-kicking, hip-swinging, mud hole stomping brand of distinctive, melodic and thoroughly unique metal-billy to Glasgow recently. They are the band Elvis Presley would have fronted had he hooked up with metal guitarists on a three-day bender with a pair of punk rockers. On their recent run of UK headline shows, Bring The Noise UK sat down with Volbeat bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen on the band’s lush tour bus – their home from home during their tour.
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LIVE REVIEW: Volbeat, O2 Academy, Glasgow, 24/09/2019

All too often modern rock and metal bands can become enslaved to a type and style of music which is more cookie cutter than innovative. It is at times like these when Volbeat smack you dead in the teeth with a welcome wall of distinctive, melodic and thoroughly unique metal-billy. The band are touring venues in the UK on a headline run, and Bring The Noise UK were there in the front two, horns in the sky, for their sold-out Glasgow show.
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