Progressive metal


ALBUM REVIEW: Between The Buried And Me – Automata I

Progressive metal visionaries Between The Buried And Me are back with a fresh batch of boundary-smashing, genre hopping tracks. This marks the first instalment in a two-part concept album that is set to take both the metal and progressive rock worlds by storm.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Voynich Code – Aqua Vitae

Portuguese outfit The Voynich Code have been prowling the deathcore scene with their tech/prog infused recipe for filth ridden riffs for a while now, gaining highlights such as performing at UK Tech Fest in 2015. Now, they finally present their highly anticipated debut record Aqua Vitae.

ALBUM REVIEW: Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

Over the last 15 years, Atlantan progressive metal band Mastodon have released some of the most important heavy music albums of the 21st century. They've been a band beloved in all factions of metal fandom, a gateway for some, and always an innovator. Does their latest album, 'Emperor Of Sand' live up to their previous efforts? Here's what we thought...

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Schemata Theory

Spectating the Tech-Fest weekend were music fans and musicians alike, and one such band we were introduced to were Schemata Theory. We managed to sit down with them for a few words about the band and their new EP.

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Between the Buried and Me

The very last day of UK Tech-Fest 2016 marks the first visit for headliners Between The Buried And Me. We caught up with bassist Dan Briggs for some thoughts and feelings on the festival, as well as some words about the band's latest release, Coma Ecliptic.

ALBUM REVIEW: Black Peaks – Statues

Black Peaks are one of the most interesting bands in post-hardcore and metal music today, and Statues is a whirlwind of different styles within and without heavy music. It will subvert any opinions one may have that heavy music has become stale, and reassure audiences that an interesting, intense, incredible band can still attain a degree of mainstream recognition in the digital age.