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ALBUM REVIEW: Owen – The Avalanche

Owen is the solo project of Mike Kinsella, a man whose name is etched into emo history as part of American Football, Cap ‘n’ Jazz, Owls and Joan of Arc. His solo work offers an introspective invitation to his inner most thoughts and with 'The Avalanche', we may have his most open collection to date.

ALBUM REVIEW: American Football – American Football (LP2)

By this point it is inescapable to mention American Football without mentioning the fact that they haven't released a record since their self-titled debut back in 1999. Whilst somewhat of a cult hit at the time, it wasn't until the band had stopped making music that things began to click for the Illinois quartet. The band's rise to acclaim came during the so called "emo revival" and it eventually lead to a reformation back in 2014. Two years on we have finally been graced with the long awaited second album, American Football (LP2).