ArcTanGent Festival


FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Must-See Bands At ArcTanGent Festival 2019

With its focus on math-rock, post-rock and the weird, noisy spaces in between, ArcTanGent Festival presents a uniquely refreshing atmosphere that you don’t find anywhere else on the annual festival calendar. It’s not only unique for its line-up, but is also the only festival where the crowd can clap perfectly in 7/8 and are just as likely to sing along to a guitar lead line or trumpet riff, than they are lyrics. ArcTanGent 7 promises to be the biggest one yet and it can be daunting to pick your targets, so we’ve given you a headstart with our pick of the bunch this year.

MUSIC INTERVIEW: Life On The Road With…Orchards

Brighton-based alt-pop quartet Orchards have a busy time ahead of them this month, with the release of their new EP 'Losers/Lovers' imminent and forthcoming live dates. We caught up with the quartet to hear their top tips and stories from the road, from backdrop related injuries to being saved by their tour manager in Germany.
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