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Ahead of their main stage slot at Slam Dunk Midlands we sat down with Mayday Parade vocalist Derek Sanders and guitarist Brooks Betts for a chat about all things music. With their fifth studio album Black Lines released in 2015 - and also signifying their tenth year within the band - there was plenty to talk about!

ALBUM REVIEW: Max Raptor – Max Raptor

Max Raptor have been working super hard in the past months, releasing their Damage Appreciation EP in November it was swiftly followed by their self-titled full length. The punk quartet has gathered a solid fan base thanks to their brutally honest lyrics and fiery live shows, this release definitely didn’t let those fans down.

EP REVIEW: Chisel Beeches – In A Week, On A Whim

It’s likely you won’t know of Chisel Beeches, because if we’re honest neither did we as the internet is seriously lacking in information about this Surrey quartet. But one thing we did manage to find out is that April sees the release of their debut mini-album In A Week, On A Whim.
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LIVE REVIEW: Scuzz Throwdown Tour ft Max Raptor, Allusondrugs, Press To MECO, Borderline, London, 09/03/2016

The first ever Scuzz Throwdown tour rounded off in London’s Borderline last week, featuring the likes of Allusondrugs, Press to Meco and Max Raptor we headed down for what was to be an incredible night. It might not have been the smoothest tour with illness striking two of the bands along the way but with everyone back and almost fighting fit, it was time to send the tour off in style!

ALBUM REVIEW: Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real

Every so often an album is brought to our attention which we might not have appreciated fully when it was initially released, but soon caught our attention and left us hooked. Seafret with Tell Me It’s Real is one of those albums; captivating, serene and simply stunning.

EP REVIEW: Cheap Meat – The Parts That Show

Hassle Records signing Cheap Meat have their own unique take on pop-punk, with big bold lyrics and singalong choruses. We checked out their debut EP 'The Parts That Show' and it's safe to say that we were more than impressed!

EP REVIEW: Lacey – I Don’t Owe The World A Thing

Lacey have started off 2016 in style with a new five-track EP entitled I Don’t Owe The World A Thing, following on from the release of their debut album Under The Brightest Lights in 2015. After we became hooked on last year's release we've sunk our teeth into the follow-up, to see if it lives up to our high expectations.
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