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Starting out as a videographer and photographer, BVDLVD‘s musical career fell into place five years ago and he’s been on the rise ever since. Now signed to Earache Records and with his new album ABSENCE imminent, we caught up with the rising artist to discuss his influences, ambitions and more.

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey there! My name is Joshua but I go by the name BVDLVD (pronounced Bad Lad). I’m about to turn 23. I grew up around Oxfordshire – now living in London. I’ve been making music for five years and can confirm it never gets any less stressful! I generally make aggressive rap music but I also make music in many other genres such as metal and DnB. I’m basically up for anything and just having fun with it.

Can you remember the first time you realised you wanted to make music?

I don’t think I ever really had the eureka moment of “oh I’m going to be a musician now.” I actually began as a videographer/photographer for other artists. I was giving music a try on the side and when it all started to take off I turned all of my attention towards it. I never really had the skills or the talent for music. I just had a good approach to learning new things. When I heard the likes of XXXTentacion and so on back in 2017, I was like “oh I might be able to do this.” At that time, I think a lot of teens in the UK felt they didn’t really have the guts to yell and make tonnes of noise while living with their parents, but as a listener of this music I knew there were people who needed this outlet in their lives. So I think the ones who did start screaming, like myself, got lots of praise early on. It’s was basically the start of our little part of the underground scene.

Who and what are your main influences?

I draw my inspiration from scenarios in my life. When I find myself feeling a new emotion or catch myself in a certain situation and ask myself “what is this like?” I try and take on these thoughts and freeze frame them. In terms of who musically influences me, I’m in a period right now where I’m really interested in stuff from the 2000’s. Stuff I’d hear in the living room as a kid. I feel like indie music/live instruments are making a comeback. I’m loving boom bap right now after seeing Cypress Hill at Boomtown festival.

How did did you get your band together?

I was looking to get a band together for ages, it wasn’t something I was prepared to rush and I thought it would be an impossible task! I had done a couple of music videos with my bassist Alex so I knew he was sick. I met Rich backstage at Boomtown after seeing Hacktivist perform. And Noa, my guitarist, was the hardest piece of the puzzle to find, but he sent me some guitars he did over my track INEVITABLE and it just felt like this band idea might actually be doable! I love the vibes I’ve got with the boys. I know we’ve done a few shows already but I’m really looking forward to doing a full headline set with the full band and everything. Gonna be mad!

What do you aim to achieve?

Honestly, if we can tour the world one day, that would be amazing. In the meantime, I’d love to bring a fresh new vibe to the shows and make them feel even more extreme. I’ve seen what’s possible with just a DJ and a mic. I’m very intrigued as to how much further we can take this.

For those who are yet to see you live, what can they expect from a BVDLVD show?

Expect to get bruised and battered. Shuvved and spat on. Ringing ears, maybe streaming tears. Couple beers and sweat. I don’t think even I know what to expect myself!

What’s next for BVDLVD?

Music! And lots of it. Multiple albums are in the pipeline. UK tour is live! I’m looking at EU and US after that. Some surprising collabs too! The return of an old collective of mine.

BVDLVD‘s new album ABSENCE is due for release on 29th September via Earache Records, available to pre-order HERE.

BVDLVD has also announced an ABSENCE album release show, set to take place on 28th September 2023 at The Courtyard Theatre in London. Tickets are on sale HERE.

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