VIDEO NEWS: thoughtcrimes Release New Single ‘Natural Imprudence’

Photo Credit: Tom Flynn

thoughtcrimes have released a video for their new single Natural Imprudence.

Speaking of the single, vocalist Rick Pepa says, “Interestingly, Billy had came up with a visual concept and title that had all these unintended parallels to what I was writing before we showed each other our cards so to speak. It was exciting to have an almost accidental continuity bringing the new material together. Lyrically, it takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to processing the anxieties of an uncertain future and society by calling it out and challenging it.”

Drummer Billy Rymer continues “The initial inspiration came about with a conversation Russ and I had about HM-2 distortion. He then brought his Evil Ned pedal to my place and we made a demo. This is probably the fastest we have written and released a track. We are all excited to share something that is still fresh even to us.”

Like what you hear? Natural Imprudence is out now via Pure Noise Records.

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