VIDEO NEWS: Sydney Sprague Releases Video For New Single ‘Nobody Knows Anything’

Photo Credit: Ellie Carty 

Sydney Sprague has released a video for her new single nobody knows anything, taken from her upcoming sophomore album somebody in hell loves you.

“I wrote ‘nobody knows anything’ during lockdown in 2020 when everyone became an expert on infectious disease and government response to disaster,” she explains. “Everything sucked and being trapped at home, all that pent-up anxiety had nowhere to go but social media. When you’re face to face with someone, it’s a lot easier to find common ground in normal interactions, but since all of that communication was happening online we lost the filter of social awareness and all hell broke loose. It was all extremes. I felt like I was seeing a different side of people I’d know my whole life and it was shocking. So many people I know severed friendships and even relationships with their families during that time because they just couldn’t reconcile their differences.”

“The internet/world is so full of conflicting information and at this point I don’t really feel like there’s a reliable source in the world. “The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know anything for sure, and I don’t think anybody else does either. I don’t see the point in arguing.”

somebody in hell loves you is due for release on 15th September 2023 via Rude Records, available to pre-order HERE and pre-save HERE.

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