VIDEO NEWS: ROMES Release Video For New Single ‘CHOKER’

Photo Credit: Steph Verschuren

ROMES have released a video for their new single CHOKER.

“We went guerrilla style with this music video with the crew being just the two of us and our boy Cameron Noble (director and DP). CHOKER is a darker, heavier track and we knew we wanted a video that played into that, combining gritty cityscapes with cold, bleak backdrops,! explains ROMES. “So we decided to drive around Toronto in the middle of the night and found our way into a few different spots to get the various shots for the video. Got kicked out of a couple of the locations but still managed to get what we needed to get it done.”

The video was directed by Cameron Noble and can be seen below!

CHOKER is out now, available to stream/download HERE.

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