MUSIC NEWS: The Wonder Years Announce ‘The Greatest Generation’ Anniversary Box Set

Photo Credit: Mitchell Wojcik

The Wonder Years have announced they are to release a limited-edition 10th anniversary box set of their album The Greatest Generation. 

Alongside the release announcement, they have shared a video for GODDAMNITALL. GODDAMNITALL is a song that almost was, and then, for a long time, categorically was not, and now is. When it came time to find bonus content for this box set, we went grave digging in old hard-drives to find the demos from TGG that didn’t get finished and then exhumed and reanimated this one,” explains vocalist Dan Campbell.

It was the closest to being done at the time. All of the music was there. The chorus had lyrics and melody but, for budget and time constraints it got abandoned before it had verses and a bridge. Now, a decade later, it’s finally finished. We asked Steve Evetts to produce it the same way he would have if it were on the original album and it now stands as a spiritual and somewhat literal b-side to The Greatest Generation.”

The box set will be released on 8th September 2023 and include a photo booklet, stories from the band, demos and voice memos from the original album recording session. It is available to pre-order now from here, with a Hopeless Records variant available from here.

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