MUSIC NEWS: The Lunar Year Release New Single ‘Ghost Town’

Photo Credit:Lovro Havel

The Lunar Year have released their new single Ghost Town.

Ghost Town is one of the most upbeat songs that we’ve done to date. It’s about how when you’re no longer with someone nothing that you do can ever feel the same,” explains vocalist/guitarist/bassist Connor Ball. “I was going over to LA to write the second half of the album and had not long broken up with my ex-girlfriend so the feeling was very fresh in my mind. I didn’t want to do the standard love song lyric and so I came up with the ‘Ghost Town’ concept whilst on the plane over. The lyric ‘now you’re not around, this city is a ghost town’ really captures the whole essence of the song for me. I also love how the verses are so different to the chorus’ – the verses are super isolated with that programmed type drum beat so when the chorus opens up with full live drums it feels like the payoff you’ve been waiting for.”

Like what you hear? Ghost Town is out now via M3 Recordings, available to stream/download HERE.

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