VIDEO NEWS: Punk Rock Factory Unveil New Video For ‘Defying Gravity’

Pop-punk rascals Punk Rock Factory are ready to turn your world quite literally upside down with the release of their boisterous new single Defying Gravity and its official video.

The band say on the new single:

Defying Gravity is a song our fans have been begging us to reimagine for a long time. After we did a short clip of it on TikTok and the fans went crazy it was clear to us that we had to add it to the album. We had great fun breaking the song down and adding our PRF spin to it, and are super happy with how it came out in the end. We worked with Sitcom Soldiers on this video again, after how awesome ‘You’ll Be Back’ came out. We found an awesome upside down house in Thurrock to film the video in so the perspective looks amazing. When we arrived there it took everyone a good while to acclimatise to the house as it wasn’t just upside down but slanted too, which made walking around extremely difficult, let alone playing! It’s got us performing and doing all manner of silly things while hanging off the ceiling. Try not to get sea sick!”

Watch the video for Defying Gravity below!

The new track joins ten more high octane bangers on their highly anticipated new album It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through, set for release on 31st March. Pre-order the new album HERE.

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