MUSIC NEWS: Written By Wolves Release Epic New Track ‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’

New Zealand’s genre-bending rockers Written By Wolves are back and ready to bring their fresh progressive cinematic rock to the world with epic new track GIVE ‘EM HELL.

The track sees the band examining an all too real subject of how the division in our society could possibly lead to our downfall. Vocalist Michael Murphy says:

“‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’ marks the beginning of a new era for Written By Wolves. An era in which we take everything that we have done before, every genre bending idea we have ever had, and put it on steroids. ‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’ imagines a dystopian future not too distant and dissimilar from today where the need to unify has become critical to survival. It warns of an inevitable and impending armageddon should we not learn how to put aside our differences and unite against those that conspire to keep us down.”

Watch the video for GIVE ‘EM HELL below!


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